Submission for libGDX Jam Sep 2020, made in couple of days.

"Two parallel worlds, one runner, flowers and things!"

A platform runner with jumping, double jumping, triple jumping, portals and collecting flowers. Passing through a portal, causes the runner to loose touch with time for a while (=he just moves faster). 

- Try spamming some portals...

Made withlibGDX
Tags2D, Pixel Art, portal, Runner


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At first it was hard to get used to the controls. But later it gets really nice to play and everything seems to be ok. Also Really fits so well with the theme. Artwork is nice too for an 8 bit lover. Really good game, fun to play.

Great use of the theme!! Game mechanics fit perfectly and plays very well.  The simple artwork is also really nice. 

Perfect Execution of the Theme. Great job!

Great concept! Great game too, very creative. It plays and looks very well.

Cool concept matching the theme! I like how well-polished it feels, and it is really difficult if you try to get all flowers!

Would love to play it in full screen.