Submission for Quarantine Jam, made in two days.

"Pack up your things! Harry up, they're coming! Don't forget your sisters!"

A logic puzzle game surrounded with a story and some random dialog between you and... someone else. Every thing you need (or not) to know is inside the game, have fun!

Made withlibGDX
Tags2D, logic, Zombies


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I really enjoyed this. I like how the game progresses, level wise. Every level (for the most part) build off of what was established the last time and adds more layers. And the dialogue as you go along is fun and engaging.  

I think some levels would benefit if you had less zombies. Like, i feel a few would work just the same if you had 3 or 4 instead of 20. Having so many on screen can be a little difficult to keep track of as a player, so make it hard for me to predict what was gonna happen and how to solve a puzzle. 

Shame that out of everything you can pack, only weapons do anything. Could have done more with that idea! Tables and chairs could have maybe been used to climb certain areas. Vases to cover up stuff perhaps. Sisters as a human shield :p

Also, I think the tiles with spiked shouldn't always be on tiles that look normal. The levels are short enough where it never really gets frustrating, but I still get a little peeved when it happens and I can't ever really know unless I walk over it. Maybe that's just me though :p

Overall a fun game though! Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

Thank you very much! Some of your suggestions, not the human shields :) ,  are things that I had planned but I just didn't have the time to implement. I was planning to expand the game at some later point If I get awesome feedback like yours,  so thank you again!