Submission for Miz Jam 1, made with a team of two.

"Collect things. Fight beings. Avoid beings. Next floor. Again!"

A roguelike mixed with minesweeper and tactical puzzle game where you try to go as far down in the depths of Uvanbar by fighting (or avoiding) enemies and leveling up. 

(Number keys 1-6 can be used to select items in the inventory, highly recommended)


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Nice game overall ! I think that the combat part (fighting enemies) was not rewarding enough to be a worthy strategy so I had a better time by just rushing with bottles and shields to the exit as fast as I could. Taking random damage hits felt a little unfair too because you can't strategize around the risk/reward.

Pretty good game, but very little challenge. Enemies only attack on reveal, so having enough shields can make it so there is little strategy in what tile you click. The time pressure was nice, it was that little extra twist that kept you exploring rather than lackadaisically fighting monsters.

Given that it was made in 48 hours, a rather exceptional and novel play on minesweeper

The time pressure is a great idea ! Cool concept

not my kind of game, but it was nice, the music and the whole cinematic feel of it was good